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Opening of “Respire” and “Earthbound in dialogue with nature”

Découvrez les deux expositions « Respire » et « Earthbound in dialogue with nature » présentées dans le cadre d’Esch2022 à Möllerei et à la Massenoire.

The “Respire” project was conceived by the DMLab, Laboratory of Environmental Design at ENSAD Nancy. The research developed by the DMLab questions the capacity of design to contribute to the transformation of our lifestyles and is conducted with researchers from various fields. It is an interdisciplinary research-creation project on breathing and its capacity to constitute a lever to modify our relationship to the environment and our lifestyles.
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The exhibition “Earthbound – In Dialogue with Nature” deals with the impact of human activities on the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystems. It brings together artworks that propose alternative models of understanding and interacting with the world.



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