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2022 was the crucial year for the planned start of human settlement on Mars. The plans to colonise Mars raise ethical, communicative, economic, legislative, ecological, individual and collective identity issues and questions about the foundations of a society and living together. What are the foundations of living together? How do science, philosophy and communication help us to live in this ecosystem on a daily basis?

These are the issues that the artistic team would like to discuss with scientists, researchers and citizens of all ages and backgrounds. To highlight our differences, our potentials, our knowledge and know-how, to unite them, to ‘remix’ them in order to reach a common awareness of living together. The city of Esch and its surroundings bear witness to a multiculturalism, a ‘remixed’ industrial past, a permanent transformation. Here you can clearly see the imprint that humans have left on their environment. With industry, people has strongly pervaded and transformed their natural environment. The questions raised by this attempt to populate another planet, the various issues linked to it, are questions and issues that are as old as the world. The context is different, the questions remain the same. Reality or fantasy?



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