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((( CDLR-76 )))

Have you heard about the mysterious CDLR-76 zone in Rumelange? The CDLR-76 zone is the scene of strange sound manifestations at an outdoor site. It reminds us of a phenomenon that has been much talked about and is still unexplained: the enigmatic Russian radio UBV-76. A mysterious radio that emits sound signals from an unknown transmitter. It transmits a humming sound about 25 times a minute, all day long, telephone conversations, Morse code, counting from 1 to 9 in a female voice and snippets from ‘Swan Lake’.

There are many theories about its origin and role, but none of them have been proven to date. A similar phenomenon has been observed at a former mining site in the commune of Rumelange. It is now known as the CDLR-76 zone. C D L R stands for Cedric, Damiano, Laura and Ruth, who were the first to observe the phenomenon during a walk. The number 76 as a reference to the Russian radio. At this site you don’t perceive anything particular. However, without expecting it, you find yourself immersed in swirling sounds. You hear what sounds like station changes on a badly tuned radio. You hear conversations, yet there is no one there. The mystery remains. For anyone interested in the area, there is a dedicated website that records its activity. If you have any information about this mystery, please come forward.





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