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EDEN EUROPA proposes a human experience to build a common imagination, bringing together the cultures present in an area, through an artistic work inscribed in the history of mythical, fabulous and symbolic gardens. This contemporary proposal will be marked by the multiple origins of the inhabitants, as it will be born from the encounters and exchanges established with them during the artistic and cultural workshops set up throughout the project.

Eden Europa will weave links between the inhabitants of the territory on both sides of the border through artistic practices involving live performance, dance and music, and urban scenographic construction, garden. People in the public space! Man’ok & Cie and Merci Raymond will join forces to energise the community and social fabric and structures; to propose meeting times to talk about the subjects and practices addressed; to propose workshops on artistic practices; to propose workshops on the creation of gardens, urban scenographic spaces with plants and to bring garden spaces to life; to develop collaborations with other existing or emerging projects in the area; to create an artistic journey through different gardens/natural spaces/urban spaces with dance/music/sound installations with 10 meetings showcasing the participants and 10 meetings with the presentation of Landscaper, right here, under the open sky. The project will also enable a network to be created between the various partner structures (association, town hall, school, etc.), the participants, the public and the inhabitants, with forms of communication to be invented/developed, in order to create a rumour that goes beyond the territory. This experience will then be developed in Europe.



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