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The Nomadic Island project is an international artist-in-residence project aimed at creating an experimental community involving a group of artists on the one hand and a group of local residents on the other. For a fixed period of three weeks, this experimental platform will offer spaces for creation and exchange where synergies will emerge around the theme of alternative ways of living and working.

The project requires the active participation of all its residents, both for the production of artworks and for the maintenance of an operational community where each person will ensure his or her own contribution to the logistics under a sociocratic governance.
The Nomadic Island project aims to be a platform for exchange and awareness of our living standards and the social and environmental footprint we leave, focusing on the prospect of a more sustainable existence from different perspectives: social, economic, ecological and cultural.

How can art and production generate proposals for concepts and implementations resulting in more sustainable ways of living and working? How can we deal with the moral issues raised by the difference in consumption levels between Western, post-industrial society and developing economies or countries suffering from poverty?



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