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La grande marche

Health crisis, financial crisis, refugee crisis, ecological crisis. Epidemics, globalisation, Brexit, sustainable development, growth, decline… Europe is facing a series of challenges and questions and is struggling to satisfy the aspirations of its citizens.

What if, where everything seems to be moving too fast, we took our time? Time for reflection, time to listen, time to exchange, time to compare opinions and ideas? In the summer of 2021, we set off along the southern border of Luxembourg, equipped with hiking shoes, a backpack, cameras and recorders. Along the way, we document this ‘Europe in miniature’, which includes no less than four founding countries of the European Union within a radius of 30 km. We talk to its inhabitants, present their initiatives and gather their opinions and visions on living together, languages, otherness, ecology or solidarity. ‘La grande marche‘ is a project of consolidation with a citizen’s scope that seeks to reconstruct, in a documentary and participative approach, an alternative path for a Europe at its peak. This project will result in the production of a touring exhibition, a dynamic web platform and a medium-length documentary film presented throughout the region’s cross-border territory during 2022.



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