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La Marche des Oublié.e.s de l’Histoire

Our project consists of associating the creation of an itinerant show with workshops (writing, plastic arts and choir) with the local population, prior to the performances. During the preliminary workshops, but also during the reception of the spectators on the day of the performance, the public will be asked to highlight forgotten facts and characters from their own experience, in order to include them in the performance in the form of texts, panels, banners, effigies, etc.

The text of the play was developed during a collective writing process in Paris’ 20th arrondissement. It narrates the adventures of a protest procession that prepares to march silently, takes to the streets, then is forced to disperse by law enforcement. In this procession, each person wears his/her memory on his/her back and brandishes his/her pain, to protest against the injustice of having been forgotten and made invisible by the great History. The aim of the project is to hold, at the end of the workshop course, a festive gathering, on the border between carnival, demonstration and commemorative march. This gathering will take the form of an immersive, participatory, ambulatory show that will invite the public to leave the theatre for a time of wandering in public space. This project will offer the audience a space for reflection and expression, as well as a collective, playful experience that will place them in an active situation and renew their role regarding the performance at each stage of the journey.



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