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Radio Art Zone

Radio Art Zone is a 100-day radio art station for the European Capital of Culture Esch2022, which will be broadcast in the south of Luxembourg on 87.8 FM by Radio ARA. The schedule consists of two daily programmes. Firstly, newly-commissioned 22-hour radio productions created by more than 100 international and local artists. Secondly, two-hour live broadcasts from a kitchen space, which can move location as desired.

This show will be open in format, to allow for natural discussions to evolve between artists visiting Esch2022 and members of the public – the ice being broken by cooking together. The 22-hour shows will be mainly pre-produced, but some will occur live at various locations in the Esch2022 catchment area. Additionally there will be two month-long artist residencies which will include public workshops, two youth productions and two local productions performed in public space, which will open up participatory opportunities for locals and visitors to Esch2022. An online audio archive and a subsequent print publication by Radio Art Zone will ensure the long-term resonance of this unique project. It will be possible to receive the transmission via radio in most of the areas covered by Esch2022, and the programme will also be live-streamed for the worldwide audience.



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